Reach out to the masses with automated voice and text messages

When it comes to reaching out to the masses, there’s no other medium better than the mobile phone. Our campaign management solution lets you get in touch with tens of thousands of people simultaneously through automated SMS and voicemail. Politicians have used this solution to take their promises to the electorate, e-commerce companies have used it for confirmation of their cash-on-delivery orders, market research firms have used it for feedback collection, governments have used it to notify and educate. The possibilities are endless


How They Use It

Enterprises and individuals across the world have benefited from the use of our Outbound Phone Campaign solution. Here are a few examples.



During the Lok Sabha elections 2014, our technology powered election campaigns for MPs in various parts of the country. The MPs got a phone number to which voters could call to hear their manifesto. They also recorded their campaign pitch and sent it to millions of voters at the same time, as a voice broadcast.



    A cash-on-delivery (CoD) model involves cost. How do you confirm that the phone number and address given to you are valid, and that the customer hasn’t changed his mind? An automated call on the given number, that prompts order confirmation over IVR, is a great way to do this.

      Packed With Powerful Features

      Unified Management

      Add or delete forwarding numbers, access logs and recordings, listen to voicemails and modify your call settings from a single panel.


      You can choose to get email alerts for calls that couldn’t be answered or even for new voicemails.

      CRM Integration

      It’s ability to integrate seamlessly with your existing CRM, such as FreshDesk, Salesforce and Zendesk, ensures that your records are always up-to-date.

      Outbound Calling

      Every call made through your toll-free number is recorded and synced with your CRM. Listen to past conversations of agents and customers, anytime.

      Campaign Analytics

      Know how your campaign fared, how many responses you got and every data associated with it.


      Block leads or numbers that you don’t want to get in touch with.

      Whitelisting API

      This features lets you contact NDNC numbers legally. The API keeps you safe from legal hassles of accidentally calling on these number.

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