Advanced Dual Bridge Number

Cost-effective and quality PSTN-to-SIP bridging

The Advanced Dual Bridge virtual number is a great solution for DID number retailers and global call conference service providers. It gives you optimized PSTN-to-SIP bridging for a lower cost. You get to choose mobile and toll-free numbers across India that give you high connect rate using proprietary call flow. It give you cached PIVR for high-volume IVRs in emerging markets, and free SIP registration services.

Some of its other features include: downloadable call reports, SIP/PSTN termination, DTMF, and 24/7 customer support.


How They Use It

Companies across verticals have benefitted from SMS Adverts’ virtual numbers. Some of the biggest benefits are:

  • Call logs and recordings
  • Option of local, international and toll-free numbers
  • Support for VOIP and traditional PSTN call
  • Intelligent routing based on agent availability, location and time
  • Hosted services (no equipment required)
  • Calls can be forwarded in sequential, parallel or round-robin manner
  • Welcome messages, on-hold music, email/SMS alerts on missed calls

Packed With Powerful Features

Mobile App

Through a pop-up, get the history and profile of the person calling you. Listen to recordings and build your sales funnel — straight from your mobile.

Sticky Agent

A great feature that gives your repeat callers a personalized customer experience. Repeat callers get forwarded to the same agent who handled their calls before. This increases efficiency, saves time on resolution of issues and portrays you as a company that takes its customers seriously.

Call Recording

Every call you make or receive is recorded. So monitoring the quality of your customer support or analyzing calls from customers and prospects is as easy as pushing a button.

Call Logs

You get a detailed report on all the calls made on your business number. It helps you track trends and maintain internal quality.

Multi-Agent Access

Divides responsibility and allows your executives to access their call logs even when you’re not available.


You can choose to get email alerts for calls that couldn’t be answered or even for new voicemails.

CRM Integration

It’s ability to integrate seamlessly with your existing CRM, such as FreshDesk, Salesforce and Zendesk, ensures that your records are always up-to-date.

Whitelisting API

This features lets you contact NDNC numbers legally. The API keeps you safe from legal hassles of accidentally calling on these number by seeking consent through an automated SMS.

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