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ShortCode Options
ShortCode Options
We offer you great flexibility in choosing the right short code...
Number for your unique requirements including Toll-free, Vanity and Local and International numbers. And in case you want instant setup within 24 hours, we also offer 56767 / 56161 / 53030 - setup within 24 hours
Free Auto Reply
Free Auto Reply
A free auto-response message of upto 160 characters...
for all incoming messages. There is no limit in number of incoming sms and Autoreply
Real-Time Analytics
Real-Time Analytics
SMS Adverts’ powerful analytics engine deciphers your business...
And gives you insights that matter did your last marketing campaign work? From which location do you get the most enquiries? Get all this info on your mobile.


Supported Operators

56767 / 56161 / 53030 integrated with all telecom operators in India

Unified Management

Add or delete forwarding sub-keywords, access logs and modify your sms settings from a single panel.

CRM Integration

It’s ability to integrate seamlessly with your existing CRM, such as FreshDesk, Salesforce and Zendesk, ensures that your records are always up-to-date


You can choose to get email and SMS alerts for all incoming sms with auto-reply sent.

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