Bulk SMS


FAQ’s of Bulk SMS

Do you provide Database security?

Yes, Whole database of client is secure in panel.

What is Transactional Template?

A fix Editable template which you can use for Transactional SMS.

How much Transactional Templates I can add?

Unlimited templates you can add, its charge free.

How much time it will take to approve sender id?

It can take 2 Hours maximum.

How much Sender id I can add?

Unlimited Sender Id you can add, its charge free.

Can I schedule my SMS campaign for later?

Yes, Use Send later option to schedule SMS for later.

What is a difference between Promotional and Transactional SMS?

Promotional SMS: SMS which have objective to promote your product or services. Transactional SMS: SMS which are sent for your registered customer to pass any information.

What is sender id?

Sender id is a SIX digit identity which can represent your company or product etc. It is compulsory to use in Transactional SMS.

How much SMS I can send in a single time?

You can use unlimited contacts in a file to send SMS.

How much letter I can use in single SMS?

You can use upto 160 letters for a single SMS.

How much contacts I can upload in a file?

Unlimited Contacts in a single file using file upload.

Can I send SMS on DND numbers?

Using Transactional Route you can send SMS on DND numbers. Promotional Route does not allow SMS on DND numbers. But No promotional activity is allowed on Transactional SMS

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