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Everything You Ever Wanted In Bulk SMS

SMS Adverts offers a host of features that make marketing via SMS a breeze. Fastest Delivery with Real-time Analytics.

Unicode SMS
Unicode SMS
We offer you great flexibility in choosing the right SMS...
Language for your marketing need. We provide 10+ languages to send SMS including but not limited to हिंदी, ગુજરાતી, मराठी and many other languages with real-time delivery.
Real-Time Analytics
Real-Time Analytics
SMS Adverts' powerful analytics engine deciphers your business...
And gives you insights that matter did your last marketing campaign work? From which campaign do you get the most Non-DND Numbers? Get all this info on your mobile.
Multiple SenderIDs
Multiple SenderIDs
We offer you great flexibility in choosing the right Sender ID for your...
Marketing need upto 6 Alphabetic Characters. We Offer open Sender ID solutions, so you can change it whenever you need.
We provide 24/7/365 days support via email, phone & ...
live chat. Our dedicated & professional support team can resolve any kind of issue in minimum time period.


Mobile App

Get the history and real-time report of the SMS campaigns. Send marketing SMS from Promotional route and informational SMS from Transactional route.

Retry Algorithm

SMS Adverts is unique. Our inimitable algorithm does all the math about time and ensures sure-shot delivery. And oh, no exceptions!

API Integration

SMSAdverts is advanced. We provide HTTP, JSON/XML API Documentation so that you could make required add-ons on your own.

Cut the queue

SMSAdverts is awake! Thanks to our Gatekeeper servers that are always prepared for extra traffic in case of sudden spikes.

Robust Infra

SMS Adverts is robust. The architecture of server is designed to scale tens of millions SMSs in a go. We deliver 50 million SMSs per day. And we treat each SMS like it’s the only one.

Report Card

SMS Adverts is a tracker. You can practically keep a track of everything and anything from delivery time to sent SMS logs to frequently failed numbers. Wait, do more! Keep the same type of texts under one Campaign name. There are graphs showing illustrated delivery reports. Keep exploring!

Excel Report

You can simply export or download your reports in excel for detailed analysis and your records. Our Excel delivery report is easily understandable & lightening fast.

SMS Scheduling

SMSAdverts offers ´Send Later´ option to give advance look to SMS broadcasting. You can schedule SMS for future dates for a predefine date and time.

Unified Managment

It is very easy way to send the Text SMS. There is no need to have technical knowledge. We offers single click SMS delivery to thousands of numbers.

Secure Data

SMS Adverts is your confidant. We guard your privacy like a family secret. Our policy is equally enforceable on our staff who MUST pass through various stages of approvals before they can access the encrypted SMS saved in the database.

Dedicated Account Manager

Once your services is activated, You will be assign to a dedicated account manager who will keep all your record and will be dedicate to solve all your issue.

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